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Wednesday 8th February, London
Dear Wearelucky,
Sorry not to get back to you sooner, I've been struggling to get any photos for you from Sierra Leone. I'm hoping for some more of the completed school in the next few days. Im afraid the photos are not great because they are taken with an old film camera and then scanned.
As an update, the school building is almost complete. The structure is there and the only thing left to do is to plaster the walls. This may have to wait until the dry season because the sand needed has to come from the river which is now too high to dig the sand. We have built desks and benches and the kids went back to school on 10th September and are using the 3 classrooms. We are now planning to discuss with the local government to see if we can register the school to enable us to get free school materials from the government and eventually have it recognised as a government school and be able to get teachers and other support.