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Tennis coach
Friday 11th November 2011, Mount Nelson, Cape Town.
Dear Wearelucky,
To date I am still in total appreciation of the Wearelucky Foundation for making it possible to make something good of the money. I used all the money for the project to rehabilitate kids at high risk of failing. Wearelucky made it possible for me to work with one hundred kids, from parents who cannot afford basic school fees. Then in addition to that, the media exposure in our national magazine has led to an awareness for more people to consider doing a similar thing Wearelucky did.
Currently I am doing well and my Foundation remains focused on changing the lives of children through education. It is tough as funding is not as fluent in South Africa. We are lucky set the tone for others to follow and hopefully this amazing story will reach more people and change more lives. Keep doing what you are doing, it is so needed in a world where people have lost hope and belief in Luck. A Lucky moment like what you pass on to people gives them the spirit to to believe and fight for something bigger.
Thank you Wearelucky....
Barkie Mckrea