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Reluctant accountant
Friday 23rd September 2011, Clapham
Dear Wearelucky,
"My Wearelucky experience was both, exciting and absorbing"
I was privileged to be one of the first people to hear about Wearelucky when I was ask about the concept before its launch. I met Mr Lucky who wanted to talk through his idea and asked me to give an impartial opinion.
In my career, I have spoken to many people about innovative ideas and determined job moves, but I had never considered such an extraordinary goal from such a big hearted guy before, and after asking lots of questions and giving my thoughts on the outcomes, I backed him all the way!
Then to my surprise, I was lucky enough to be one of Wearelucky's first recipients, or to be precise, my Nan and a deserving charity became the first WAL recipients, I was simple the money mediator!
And as straight forward as those two beneficiaries sound (Nan had a great escape to London, and a local charity got some well needed funding) I agonised over what to do with the money and who to give it to for weeks.
For me, the fruits of the Wearelucky money had to be impactful. My immediate thoughts ranged from blowing it on a horse to investing it in a new dot com, either way it had to be BIG, but I soon realised I also want the outcome to be just, for it to benefit the right people, but who on earth is that!
I start narrowing my search for causes, and also started to realise that in London, one Thousand pounds can only go so far, so I scaled back my monster ideas, to a few more simple possible. Ironically, as Wearelucky is a BIG idea made up of small "pass it on" deeds, I subconsciously ended up continuing the chain, by taking my Thousand pounds and using it for two small and personal, but highly rewarding endeavours.
Firstly, I took my 83 year old Nan to London for a day she'll never forget. Starting at a fine dine restaurant, then on to a West End show, then a London black taxi all the way home!
Secondly, a donation to a local charity and a great bunch of people who I had never met before, that look after Crystal Palace Park greenery, a beautiful open space in London, that is in need of constant TLC, partly due to council cuts, under funding and bad management and partly due to it size, it is a huge job!
And by the end of this absorbing ride of what, who, when, how, I was very pleased and satisfied with my choice, which led me to reflect on how great the Wearelucky concept is... Wearelucky not only passed on the money, but it passed on the responsibility of giving, and with that the burden of making the right call, but with that burden came the joy of giving when it delivered what you aimed to do!
That's why its such a great idea!
OK, not everyone is going to take it so sincerely, not everyone is going to deliberate over the payback for each worthy cause, but if they do, if they decide to consider what small positive impact they can have on someone, or something close to them or their community, just imagine how powerful the experience can be both personal and communally, as was for me!
Thanks Mr Lucky for taking me on this journey as it has been incredibly rewarding, has introduced me to place and people I would never have meet, and last but not least thanks on behalf of Nan, she's still reliving the day!