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Squirrel saviour
Wednesday 20th June 2012, Vauxhall, London.
Dear Wearelucky,
How are you?
I am writing to you from my hometown, Verona. It is warm and sunny and familiar.
I donated to the RSCPA. I also emailed them to check on Squirrel and they left a message on my answering machine. Unfortunately his legs and back were too badly injured...I let you guess the rest of the message.
I have to say, that episode has been pretty horrid. Seeing a creature suffering/dying in front of your eyes is as hard as it gets. I've seen a motorcyclist dying on the floor after a crash but for some reason, that Squirrel traumatised me more. Perhaps because I was the only person present, while the motorcyclist was surrounded by paramedics and policemen. My sense of "responsibility" was greatly diminished, while with the Squirrel, his destiny seemed to be fully in my hands.
So it seems to be all about "responsibility" ... as you know :)
I've been doing my bit trying to help CALM which is not easy! We are trying to find advertisers for CALMzine.
I wish I had more time and energies to help CALM but I am also trying to get my own project off the ground. It's very promising and I am hoping to be sending you more details asap. I've been with my father for his birthday and I've missed my mother's, I know what I am going to get them, I found the present in London but it's by an Italian company so I have been trying to find it here. The Families Without Fear project is doing well, one of the therapist is leaving and I don't know if he will be replaced ... I'll keep you posted
I have sent you a set of photographs which documented my Wearelucky day.