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Saturday 3rd March 2012, London.
Dear Wearelucky,
When I was first propositioned by Mr Lucky, I instantly decided what I was going to do with the Thousand pounds. I therefore had no time to contemplate how the money could be used, which to some extent was a relief, as I avoided agonising of what could or should be done.
I was determined to pass on my good fortune to my sister who had a greater need than mine, though I was somewhat surprised by her reaction. I naively imagined she would be thrilled, though instead I was met with suspicion, and was questioned on why she was receiving the money and what she had to do in return.
It took me some time to convince her of the 'no strings attached' motive and to accept the money, illustrating the good she could do with such an unexpected windfall. I suppose this gave me a taste of what Mr Lucky must encounter when he himself approaches random strangers. The immediate mistrust that people place in each other, the unwillingness to recognise the purity of the gesture, is a reflection on both human nature and the society in which we are conditioned.
Fortunately she did see sense and subsequently used the funds as a deposit to secure more appropriate accommodation for her and her son. They have since moved from a pokey one bedroom flat without any outside space, to a more comfortable rented house. This is the first time Isaiah has a bedroom to call his own, which is long overdue as he turns four this week.
There are now both grateful for the deed of kindness.