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Welcome stalker
Wednesday 18th April 2012, Goodge Street, London.
Dear Wearelucky,
Since meeting you in April I have been working hard on Mumaso, and developing the idea, and have spent the last 6 weeks out in East Africa laying the foundations for Mumaso in Uganda. I will return to London in a few weeks, and continue to build the Mumaso community there as well.
I hope that Mumaso will grow to be a global network. At the moment we are starting with work in the UK and Uganda. This first follow up is an introduction to the philosophy of Mumaso, and soon I will be able to share feedback from Banda Mumaso - our first community:
By creating a one way relationship between donors and beneficiaries, we have been unintentionally reinforcing a hierarchy in which people believe they are reliant on other people, when in fact they have strength to make their own futures. Imagine a world of mutual relationships, where we are willing to look at what we can learn from one another, and share this to build a better future for us all.
It takes strength to admit failure; to admit that with the best intentions we haven't been achieving what is best for everyone and we have to try another way. Mumaso represents this strength and will allow us to move forwards towards a better future.
Mumaso (formerly Mumaso Africa) will be a global community network; a new way of approaching development. Everyone can be a part of the network, not as donors or beneficiaries, but as people.
The world is full of amazing communities, who pull together in the face of adversity. Mumaso aims to harness this power, and use it to allow communities to achieve a better future and overcome adversities that they face.
You can follow the progress of Mumaso or on facebook or @mumaso1
I am running a huge community meeting over the weekend and then I will be back in London in December so I should have time to process the whole trip and send you a more comprehensive update then. I will also then be able to release how and what we are planning to spend the money on, as we are still working out a strategy for it.
Thank you so much for everything!!