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Saturday 3rd December 2011, Shoreditch, London
Dear WeAreLucky,
My dad was a bit taken back on that one, shocked even. In fact, it was the first time we'd heard each others voices in about five years, which is strange considering how much I love him. We both a touch elusive you see, must be where I get it from.
To let you know, I haven't pinned down an exact date on when to fly him over yet. He's got a mate he's looking after that's really old and pretty much on his way out, so gotta see how that works out. I'll keep you in the loop.
Other titbits for 'good' will be taking him to a Spurs game. Hopefully an oldies type gig, fingers crossed for Dylan or Young will be on tour. This one might be a bit selfish but I'd like to do just about every touristy thing with him we can fit in. Being on the ol' doorstep all these years, I haven't really seen anything.
Get in!