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Thursday 26th January 2012, Beaver Creek, Colorado.
Dear Wearelucky,
I wanted to share some photos of the person who received the "We Are Lucky" donation. This is her story.
After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 35 years ago, Gudrun has recently been through a few tough times. Gudrun has spent many years living independently. However, she recently broke her right leg. She spent two months in a rehabilitation centre and was two days away from being discharged. It was at that time that she had another setback and broke the other leg. She has been in the rehab facility for a total of six months and will be discharged at the end of February. This money will greatly help her situation and will be used to modify an electric wheelchair that was also donated. This wheelchair will give her more mobility and the freedom to get around without depending on others. She will be able to go to the store, get out of her apartment to attend functions, and work within the community to help others.