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Sunday 4th March 2012, Penarth, South Wales.
Dear Wearelucky,
I wanted to let you know that your seed money for the indigenous art project has been going from strength to strength! Basically the artists in far north Queensland (Gulf of Carpentaria) are working with my friend/artist Ian Waldron (himself a Kurtjar) doing interesting work but in a very isolated part of Australia. What I've organised is that the six artists work towards an exhibition in Melbourne for October 2013 where they are in a very rich cultural environment and should win recognition (perhaps some sales but Melbourne University Fine Arts and the local council are both likely to sponsor the one month show) Can I also give a mention to you or Wearelucky? They get a bad press here but given the opportunity so many of the aborigines are highly creative so it's great this is happening. I have sent you some work by Ian who is mentoring them and a couple of early pieces by the artists themselves.
Hope all well with your family,
Best wishes,