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Octogenarian optician
Friday 14th October 2011, Florence, Italy.
Dear Wearelucky,
thank you imensly for the nice idea you had and for your "We are lucky" program!
The site is interesting and the photos are fantastic: very suggestive and emotional.
I told my father about your wedding plans and he was excited to hear from you and sends you his love.
I'll try to write something in English to explain how we spent the money we received for buying medicines and medical instruments (like syringes) for curing the dogs in our dog shelter. Medical expenses are very high but we want our dogs to be as healthy and happy as possible.
We have about 380 dogs and many of them are old or ill and need treatment. Unfortunately people abandon dogs very frequently here. Almost every day new dogs arrive, we try to find new loving and reliable families to adopt them, but it is not easy especially for old dogs...
All our dogs receive the medical treatment that they need, are spayed or neutered and... last but not least they all get lots of loving care from the voluntaries. Each dog has a name, a story and we respect each dog's character.
All the best,
Thank you ever so much for your generous donation for the Rifugio Tom dog shelter!
The association I volunteer for is called Associazione Salvezza Animali, it is a non profit association for animal salvation;
we manage a private dog shelter (close to Pisa) that hosts more or less 400 dogs: these are all abandoned dogs, or dogs saved from a life of neglect and abuse.
All our dogs are lovingly cared for by volunteers, under a regular vaccination plan, spayed or neutered, and receive any specific needed health treatment.
We run our activity with no public funding and no help from the institutions, only thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the donations
of generous animal loving people.
My father told me about your unexpected visit to the shop on saturday and the wonderful surprize of your donation for our charity...
Again thank you very very much from the Associazione Salvezza Animali, our 400 dogs and all the volunteers!
Wishing you all the best,
Kind regards,
Laura Baracchi
Associazione Salvezza Animali