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Sunday 11th March 2012, Chapman's Peak, South Africa.
Lucky Me? Lucky Brandon!
As fate planned the day I was given the gift of WeAreLucky, so did it plan the way I came to find Brandon.
Being a recipient of We Are Lucky has changed so much of the way I think, and in turn, act. Realising that things like this exist, change people and change lives. I shared a dinner with some friends a few weeks after my lucky moment, telling my story. Unbeknown to me, at the table was a trustee of a self funded group of young adults, doing what they can to raise money to pay for the education of 9 young children. A small drop in a big ocean but that drop has changed a family's way of life!
I recently got in touch with the foundation and this is what I'm talking about!
"I cannot tell you the difference this has made to not only Brandon but his entire family. His dad was walking 3km during his lunch hour to pick Brandon up after school and take him back to his work place where Brandon would sit and do his homework in the canteen. Now, Brandon gets collected by the after school transport and taken home. He has become more confident as a child and is thriving in Grade 3. His parents are now able to save some money for the family and the other children that they have. They are SO grateful for the support and always ensure that Brandon strives to be a better person.
This financial donation has contributed to not only changing Brandon's life but has ALREADY changed the entire family dynamic for the better".
Take care!