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Hospital receptionist
Friday 11th November 2011, Constantia, Cape Town
Good Morning Wearelucky,
Trust you are well, I would just like to take the opportunity to once again thank Wearelucky for selecting me to be one of the people to receive R10 000.00.
With this I was able to pay for my child school fees for the year in advance. Being a single parent I had a setback with payment on my bond and several accounts and decided to use some of the money to bring my arrears accounts up to date, not to mention that it came just at the right time being festive season and all. Lucky made it possible for me to meet my child's needs being a single parent and all this is not always possible. It was really a dry season in my life, the battle is not over, but it's definitely lighter.
Thanking you once again,
God bless