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Perfect Lucky Person
Monday 12th November 2012, Watford, Hertfordshire.
Dear Wearelucky,
When I first heard of the "Wearelucky" project I was more than a little sceptical. I thought how foolish it was to come into money then give it away to absolute strangers. I tried not to voice this opinion - not wishing to dampen the amazing enthusiasm of my offspring, but I couldn't help thinking of what could be done with the money that was being doled out seemingly willy-nilly. Then it dawned on me, he had been more than generous to his family and friends and now he was trying to make a difference to others. Whilst unable to change the world single-handedly, the more wonderful stories I read, the prouder I became of what he was doing.
All went quiet from my point of view and I perused the website with interest to keep abreast of what was happening on Wearelucky. Then one day last November I was speaking with my sister and it became apparent that she was in financial trouble. She had tried to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, by buying her children nice presents etc. for birthdays/Christmas, luxuries she could not afford, and had got into debt. She didn't ask for anything, only a shoulder to cry on. I thought about her predicament and decided to give Wearelucky a call. I explained the situation and in the flick of a switch help was at hand. I told her about Wearelucky and that it could help her. Highly embarrassed she agreed to accept the offer and was able to get herself back on the straight and narrow. She has been disabled for some time and lost much of her confidence, but I encouraged to look for a job. This she did and has never looked back, she loves the fact that she is now earning and is contributing to the family income, and is also getting out of the house each day and meeting people. Furthermore, she agreed to cut up all her credit/store cards and never take them out again. I am so proud of her and she is so grateful to Wearelucky. I was so very proud that the initiative thought up by my son was able to turn her life around so dramatically.
Thank you