Patrick and Alex
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Wednesday 21st September 2011, Watford.
Hi Wearelucky,
Here are some more pictures for you, not the best but you have a few to choose from. Pics were taken in November, we have not been back yet, not much has happened during the winter, things will get started with the spring and will update you further. I am going to pop in this week or next see below some some stuff from their web site. As a result of the arson attack, lots of people have helped them so it may be difficult to pin point how the We are lucky money was used as it joined the other donations. It was still a good cause and I look forward to see how things will progress in the next few months!
Take care
Ciao ciao
Alex & Patrick
We have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness of people since our devastating arson attack in September 2011. We have received over five thousand ponds in cash donations. Lots of donations have been from individuals who read or heard about our plight and were kind enough to drop cheques and cash in to us. We have been touched by the generosity of so many people and organisations in the aftermath of the arson attack in September 2011. Burston Garden Centre donated tools and plants (see picture below), Aylett Nurseries made us their
Christmas Charity and raised a considerable sum. Rotary Club of Verulamium and Rotary Club of St. Albans have both made donations. Trinity St, Albans Church, St Albans Co-Operative Party, The Cell Barnes Trust, St.Albans Caledonian Society, St Albans Masorti Synagogue, Soko Coffee all made donations too. And of course, we are so grateful to all the individual people who sent us money and offers of help and tools. We are, of course, planning to rebuild our main site building and all donations will be put towards this.