Peter and Jean
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Sunday, 19th February 2012, Watford, Hertfordshire.
Dear wearelucky,
Personally I found the actual donation moment a conflict of emotions. On the one hand it was very satisfying to know that the money was going to be used for a really significant purpose and that it would make a real difference in an area that we wanted. On the other hand I felt a bit embarrassed as Jane Talbot was genuinely grateful for the gift of such a significant amount of money - but it wasn't actually my money! Interestingly Jean didn't feel the same - she just felt good that the money had been put to such good use.
Please find a copy of a letter from the hospital unit below.
Peter & Jean
Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Neonatal Unit. When babies are born sick or prematurely it is not always possible for Mums to put their baby to their breast to feed. However it is really important for these babies that they receive breast milk. For this to happen we have to support Mums to express their milk to give to their baby by tube until their baby can feed. This involves expressing for up to 20 minutes 8 times a day.
New technology and equipment is continuously being developed to ensure that the best possible treatment can be delivered to our small and sometimes sick patients. One of these pieces of equipment is a new portable breast pump that we can lend to our Mothers to use at home while their baby is in hospital. Through your generosity we can purchase ten of these pumps. This means they are supported into doing something for their baby that no one else can do. This is important knowledge for our Mothers to help them through a difficult time.
Jane Talbot
Practice Development Sister
Neonatal Unit
Watford District General Hospital