Pieter and Maletta
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Wednesday 28th September 2011, Bordeaux, France
Dear WeAreLucky,
Recipient #1 has been ale to attend plays and opera of international calibre that he would have found difficult under pre-WeAreLucky
circumstances. He has been able to attend productions starring artists like Sir Ian McKellen , Dame Janet Suzman and the world acclaimed
tenor from Vienna , Johan Botha. It has kindled the recipient's creative spark once again and he is once again ready to take the stage
and the camera.
With the newly acquired equipment Winfred Fortuin, recipient #2, is now mobile and in the position to accept contract work. In the last
couple of months it enabled him to increase his salary dramatically, improve his standard of living and increase his self esteem. Winfred
preferred to sacrifice his holiday grant for improvements in his domestic environment.
Pieter and Maletta