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Football Coach
Saturday 17th December 2011, Fort Cochin, Kerela.
Dear Wearelucky.
On Saturday December 17th 2011 you gifted £1000 to Santos Club Cochin. The money was used for the purchase of soccer equipment and medical expenses of the players. Santos Club has been working towards a goal of helping the underprivileged through soccer, giving them opportunities to play and represent bigger corporations. At present there are 30 registered players who represent the club in various tournaments and league matches, and over 40 other junior players training daily in the morning session that starts at 5:45am and ends at 7:30am, enabling them to attend school. We also coach over 25 students in the evening session, starting at 4:30 pm.
My trainees and me are very happy to hear that you are willing to contribute to our club with playing kits, since most of our players come from underprivileged families and find it difficult to have the basic playing equipment. Due to the conditions of the fields the low cost boots do not last long. A pair of good boots would cost nearly 750 Indian rupees, and these boys are so committed to the game and the training that they even travel 20-30 km just to attend the practice. Some come by bicycles or walk. There are students that travel over a 100 km every day.
The club is always getting offers to participate in major tournaments all around the country but the expense is hard to meet and many of the tournaments are denied. Moreover the senior team players work for themselves and their families and since we couldn't provide any remuneration, they find it difficult to take time off to pursue their dreams in the game.