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Oasis of calm
Saturday 7th April 2012, Ikea, Wembley.
Dear Wearelucky,
The money means that I was able to reach my target and start my course in September without getting into more debt! This is great news for me, one less thing for me to worry about especially since I have been saving for three years to study this course. Wearelucky has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders.
I hope that after I graduate I will be able to have a positive impact in my community. So hopefully the money Wearelucky has given me will not only help me but by allowing to study this masters, the skills which I will learn will enable me to help others.
Thank you Wearelucky for making this happen for me!
I just took a couple of pictures around campus. Please do let me know if you need more pictures or anything. And thank you again.
Best wishes,