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Liverpool fan
Tuesday 20th December 2011, Penarth, South Wales
Dear Wearelucky.
Sorry I meant to get back to you before now! Im am sending you a photo from the Smile Train. Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with unrepaired clefts, most cannot eat or speak properly. They aren't allowed to attend school or hold a job. They face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache. Their clefts usually go untreated because they are poor, far too poor to pay for a simple surgery.
I have always admired The Smile Train, the work they do is phenomenal, it is amazing to think I will be able to change lives. We aren't very well off ourselves and the remainder of the money will go into our girls savings to help them when they are older.
I think the project is AMAZING! I hope it self-perpetuates and snowballs indefinitely!
Thanks a million,