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Monday 3rd October 2011, Los Angeles.
Hi wearelucky,
Thank you again! it was so wonderful to participate!
best, Tricia
Susie An is working on her PhD in the History of Art at Yale University. She completed her undergraduate degree in the History of Art at Harvard University in 2010 and then went directly into graduate school. With the money from WeAreLucky, she was able to pursue getting her work published. Her essay titled "The Politics of In/visibility: Mass Starvation in the DPRK and the Contemporary South Korean Female Body" will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Modern Art Asia. The essay draws parallels between representations of anorexic girls in South Korea during the 1990s and the starvation of citizens in North Korea under the regime of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
(Portrait of Susie An)
Blake Brent has been a model for the last several years and found himself surrounded by photographers. Last summer he spent his days wandering around the US with Ryan McGinley and other friends who are the subjects of McGinley's ongoing work. Blake took up photography about a year ago turning the camera now toward those subjects and places that he is most intrigued by and is now building a body of work that reveals his personal experiences and aesthetics. He is part of a younger generation of artists who have decided to use film instead of digital and was able to get the film camera of his choice to continue developing his body of work.
(Three photographic works by Blake Brent)