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Wednesday 28th March 2012, Table Mountain, Cape Town
Hi Wearelucky,
It's me Yongama. As I am writing to you know, I wish I could send you pictures for you to see when I was at the mountain in Transkie but Digital things are not allowed there, I am a man now thanks to you. I went to initiation school and everything was successful. If it was not for you I wouldn't be a man. God bless you and your wife and the unborn one. Am back in Cape town know trying my go back to Table mountain and make a living the way I use to, but the Game Rangers are on my case, saying what I am doing no allowed. But it is the way I make my living. As I told you I am renting a shack, now everything is tough, my landlord is about to evict me coz I cannot pay my rent any more. But I asked him to give me a chance to try to get it.
I wish to talk to you but I lost my phone but I still use those numbers which you have.
I look forward to hear from you.